What our Brownstone Buddies and their families are saying about the show.

Podchaser - What's Poppin' Penny?

“I looovvveedd this episode. So vivid I felt like I was in Alabama too. I love how you showed so much black culture in one episode from the Clotilda on!. It was entertaining and caused me to reflect on my own family's migration from MS and made me miss familyreunions.ABSOLUTELY LOVED
IT! “


Mother of 4 year old

“Penny, you’re so cute! I love you!”


Age 4

“The theme and show are both adorable, and really well done! The technical elements are all really good (I enjoyed the sound design and voice acting a lot) and it's both really fun and cute and has a lot of deeper, positive developmental themes.”


Such a beautiful podcast! I experienced all the emotions listening to this. My daughter has this as a space to know her feelings matter. I love the heart behind why this show was created!!!

Ida T.

Age 2+

Whats Poppin Penny is such a sweet podcast to enjoy with my 5 year old. We love the magic of TA and Penny’s relationship and I especially appreciate all the gentle parenting nuggets I gain for our journey on family, curiosity, grief and more.

Devon H.

Age 3+

Great helping children through various emotions and feelings they experience but may not understand. Sweet, kind and realistic family characters. Love the Caribbean element! It's rare to hear that accent in media. All my children listen to it and their ages ranges from 6 - 13. Can't wait to hear the other episodes!Show less

Kelli J.

Age 3+