About The Show


Unlock the secrets of a magical teddy bear and join Penny on her enchanting adventures!

Meet Penny, a curious preschooler living in a cozy brownstone in Big City with her parents, Zoe and Jabari, and her mischievous cat, Penelepaw. But that's not all – Penny's home is filled with the warmth of family, including her grandmother, Spicy, who lives just a few colourful stairs away.

Every Saturday, Penny and her Brownstone Buddies (that's you!) embark on exciting journeys filled with wonder, laughter, and valuable life lessons. Join us as Penny discovers the magical secrets hidden within her ancestral poem, which holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of her beloved teddy bear passed down from her grandfather, Theodore Allen.

Meet Penny's Crew:

  • Penny: Our fearless and inquisitive protagonist, always ready for a new adventure.
  • Zoe and Jabari: Penny's loving and supportive parents who guide her through life's ups and downs.
  • Spicy: Penny's wise and caring grandmother, a treasure trove of family history and wisdom.
  • Penelepaw: Penny's playful feline companion, who adds a touch of mischief to every tale.

Episode Highlights:

  • Discovering Family Secrets: Join Penny as she unravels the mysteries hidden within her family's history through the magical powers of her teddy bear.
  • Navigating Big Feelings: Learn alongside Penny as she discovers that it's okay to feel scared, sad, or happy and that she's never alone with her family and friends by her side.
  • Saturday Family Fun: Experience the joy of family bonding as Penny and her loved ones embark on exciting weekend adventures filled with love, laughter, and learning.

Join the Adventure!

Tune in to Penny's Magical Teddy Bear Podcast and become one of Penny's Brownstone Buddies! Follow along as Penny learns valuable life lessons and discovers the power of love, friendship, and family.